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Shed Building Permit Guide

Building Permit Chart

What is a Building Permit?

In its most basic terms, a Building Permit is going to a Shire and asking, β€œI have signed Engineering Drawings, can I build the proposed shed?”

It is very important that you do not start any works for the project until you get your Building Permit. Doing so could potentially mean that you will end up out-of-pocket with money spent on services, (i.e. earthworks or concrete), for a Building Permit that has been rejected.

When do I need a Building Permit?

Always check with your Shire about what you can or can’t build on your property. A Shire will allow you to build if they are satisfied with the dimensions and location of the proposed shed. If your shed does not meet that criteria, (which can be different across Shires), then you will need to submit for a Planning / Development Approval. Please see our Planning Approval Guide.

What do I need to get a Building Permit?

  • You will need signed Engineering Drawings
  • A BA2 Form
  • If the whole project: shed, earthworks and slab, comes to over $20,000, then you will need either a Registered Builder or to become an Owner Builder.
  • Site Plan
  • Any fees required
  • Any additional information that the Shire may request

Bushfire Zone Regulations

A lot of the Perth region is designated as a Bushfire Zone. If your property is within, or even partially, within this designation, then you may need to get a BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) Assessment. This would need to be handed in with your Building Application. Depending on the rating you are assigned, it could add little or significant cost to your shed to make it compliant. If possible, it is good to know ahead of time when you are budgeting for the project what your BAL rating would be.

As a general rule, if your shed is located 6m or more from your house, or any other habitable structure, then it is exempt from bushfire-proofing. Always check with your Shire. You can also look up your property on this DFES map to see if it falls inside a Bushfire Zone: Map of Bushfire Prone Areas

How does this process relate to my quote with Roys Sheds? If you have decided to sign on with a Roys Sheds, we can offer:

  • Signed Engineering Drawings
  • A Site Plan
  • Signing off as the Registered Builder (for jobs $20,000 and over)
  • BA2 Form with our details filled in (if we are the registered builders)

Hand these in, along with any other required documents the shire requests and pay the fee. Once the Building Permit is assigned, you may begin works.

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