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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also do the concrete slab?

If you are considering a concrete slab, we do not participate in this stage directly; but we can give you an idea of the average price for Perth per square metre depending on your area. We can also put you in touch with a contractor that has done work for us in the past if the location applies.

Shed Cement Truck

Do you handle the Building Approvals?

In regards to Councils, we help as much as we can, providing the paperwork for approvals and Signed Engineering Drawings. However, we find that in all cases, it is quicker and easier for the customer to submit the documents. This keeps down costs and eliminates any back-and-forth we may encounter by not having personal information at hand.

Shed Building Approvals

What is the difference between Planning and Building?

We highly recommend that you check with your Shire what is required to get your shed approved. In most cases, there are two parts to this:

  • Planning/Development Approval: This is asking if you are allowed to build the shed you want. Requirements are usually elevations and basic site plan of the proposed building plus the relevant form/fees from your shire.
  • Building Permit: This is a process of ensuring that the shed adheres to the relevant Australian standards. Requirements are usually Signed Engineering Drawings, a Site Plan and a BA1 or BA2 Form plus any other documents that the shire may request. Here are some links to our Planning and Building Guides: Planning Guide Building Permit Guide

Do you service areas outside of Perth?

We do quote for areas outside of Perth; one of our farthest builds was in Newman, WA. Distance will incur an extra cost to account for travel, overnight accommodation, and meals etc.

Sheds Supplied Perth and in Western Australia

Do I need to have Earthworks?

Like concrete slabs, we do not participate in the earthworks stage of the build. The price for your earthworks will depend on a number of factors: location, elevation, and ground type, (sand, bedrock, etc). Search for local Contractors in your area to obtain an estimate for your earthworks.

Shed Earthworks

Do I need a BAL Assessment?

You may need a BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) Assessment if your property is in a Bushfire Rated area. To find out if your area is in a Bushfire Zone, please follow this link:

Bushfire Zone sheds which are within 6 metres of a habitable structure require a BAL Assessment. There are 6 ratings with compliance measures outlined for each: LOW, 12.5, 19, 29, 40 and FZ (Flame Zone). We are able to comply with all ratings up to 40. Steel structures are not compliant with FZ ratings so we would be unable to build in that area.

Department of Fire and Emergency Services

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