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How Long Does it Take to Build a Shed?


  1. Planning / Development Approval
    • Sitemap and elevations (normally within a day)
    • Shire takes approximately 12 to 90 days (depends on the shire)
  2. Building Permit
    • Engineering Drawings - aim to get it back within 5 days (normally quicker)
    • Shire takes up to 25 working days (depends on the shire)
  3. Concrete and Earthworks
    • Can be done at the same time as ordering the kit
    • Needs at least 4 to 7 days to cure
  4. Shed kit
    • Around 4 weeks to get the kit together (sometimes longer)
  5. Shed construction
    • Depending on the size and extras (1 to 5 days)

In total, to get your shed build it would take up to 22 weeks. It can be quicker or slower, mainly dependent on the shire.


The first thing to do is ensure that you are allowed to build the shed - normally there is a area and height limit (see below).

General Area and Height Guidelines for Sheds and Outbuildings

The following table represents the maximum shed floor area, pitch height and eaves height. Please note, these may not be the same for all shires and in some cases you can apply for higher or larger sheds. If you would a larger or higher shed, shire planning and neighbours permission would be required.

Lot Size (m2)06001000150020003000400060001ha2ha4ha
Floor Area (m2)10% of site area607080100110130150200250300
Pitch Height (m)
Eaves Height (m)

Source: Armadale Shire Outbuilding Document

Planning Approval

Depending on your area you may need to do planning approval. You can read more about planning approval here. If it is required, the shire normally takes up to 12 to 90 days (depending on the shire).

Example Shed Plan

Engineering Drawings

Once payment for engineering and drafting has been made, we aim to get signed engineering drawing back with in 5 days (engineering drawings are needed for a building permit).

Building Permit

If you are within the guide line, you can submit a building permit. You are able to put in an application for planning application and building permit at the same time.

The catch is that the the you would need signed engineering drawings to do this. If the shire rejects the planning application then the money paid to the engineer would be wasted.

This is why we recommend getting a planning first. Once planning is done then the shire will have no reason to refuse the building application.

Sometimes the shire is quick, sometimes they are slow - normally up to 25 working days (depending on the shire).

Building Application Class 2 Form Example

Shed Kit

Once the building permit has been approved, it normally takes around 4 weeks (sometimes longer) to get the shed kit together - in the mean time, the earthworks, concrete slab can happen. The concrete will need to cure for at-least 4 to 7 days.

Steel Shed Columns

Shed Construction

The construction of the shed should take around 4 to 6 days, depending on the size and amount of people on the job. Please note rain and other unforeseen events can impact the construction time.

Shed Timelapse Video From Start to Finish - Including Earthworks, Concrete and Construction by Roys Sheds

Bushfire Attack Level Assessment

If you are in a bushfire area and are planning on building your shed 6 meters from a habitable structure, you will need to do a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment.

To check if you need a bushfire attack level assessment, please visit the following page: Bush Fire Prone Area Map

A bushfire assessment is generally quite quick and can take around a day to complete.

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