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Some Things You Should Consider Before Building a Shed

Check Your Shires Building Rules and Regulations

When considering a shed, it is a good practice to check in with your Shire about the building rules and regulations for your area or property. Block types carry different requirements depending on their shape and size and these rules can also differ across various Shires. To avoid pitfalls or purchasing something that may fail a retroactive approval down the line, it is best to make sure you fall within the guidelines for your build.

Know the Rules Before Building

Planning for a Shed

Planning is a stage in the building process that is required if aspects of your shed fall outside of your Shire’s regulations. This can include things like building closer to your boundary, outside of your allotted envelope, or wanting the shed to be higher than is allowed for your area. Planning can take up to 60 days but the time varies between Shires and their current workflow. Example Shed Plan

Building Application Class 2 Form

A Building Application, class 2, is generally required before building work can be carried out on a shed. Sometimes shires may not require a building permit, depending on size. Guidelines can usually be found on Shire websites or you can ring their offices and ask about your shed and if you would need to obtain a permit.

“Anyone can apply for a building permit, the owner, builder, designer, building surveyor or any other person. The applicant provides details of the person responsible for the work, ie the builder, in the application form. The builder takes responsibility for ensuring the construction complies with the applicable building standards and the provisions in the building permit.” - Information obtained from the Government of Western Australia Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety. Please follow this link for more reading on permits and processes:

Building Application Class 2 Form Example

Things to Consider

Building Envelope

A building envelope is the space on your property in which you are allowed to build. The size and shape depends on the layout of your block.

Bushfire Zones and BAL Assessments

If your property falls within a Bushfire designated area, and your shed will be within 6m of any habitable structure, you will need to have a Bushfire Attack Level assessment done to obtain the rating. Depending on the level you receive, adjustments may need to be done on the shed to allow for the fire safety required. Please check with your shire if you have any questions or concerns regarding Bushfire Zones.

To find out if your property falls within a Bushfire Zone, please follow this link:

Shed Bushfire Zones and BAL Assessments

Outbuilding Dimension Allowance

An outbuilding dimension allowance is the amount of square metres you are allowed to build in relation to your block size. The regulations can vary between Shires so ring or check their websites to see what you are allowed to build.

Boundaries and Setbacks

A boundary is the edge of your property. It can be adjacent to other properties on varying sides depending on your block or the development in your area. A setback is the distance from the boundary you are allowed to build in. Setbacks allowances vary depending on Shire and property types.

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