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Mezzanine FloorMezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors

What is a Mezzanine Floor?

A mezzanine floor, or raised storage area, is a cost effective way of utilising the high-ceiling space of a shed. It serves as an intermediate floor in a shed and does not typically extend across the whole length. Mezzanine floors are generally used for storage, but do have a wide variety of other beneficial applications depending on the roof clearance.

What is a Mezzanine Floor Built From?

The structure of a Roys Sheds Mezzanine floor is built from steel overlaid with flooring, which is typically MDF tongue-in-groove panels.

Mezzanine Floor Kits Included with Our Shed Kits

  • Roys Sheds can addon a mezzanine floor to almost any of our sheds
  • Provides extra storage space
  • Choice of stairs cases

For a more cost-effective option, we recommened building a larger shed, however if you cannot a mezzanine floor is a good way to get more space.

Shed Time Lapse from Start to Finish which Includes a Mezzanine Floor

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