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What is a Garaport?

A garaport is a cost effective garage or shed that increases parking area without dramatically increasing the costs associated with a garage or shed. Simply put, a garaport extends a garage or shed with the use of a roof extension. The roof extension provides an extra undercover place to park vehicles, trailers, boats, caravans and so forth, without encroaching into the enclosed space of your garage or shed.

Why Would I Need One?

A garaport is perfect for an individual who may require an additional sheltered parking area for things like boats, caravans, guest cars, etc. at a more affordable rate.

Dividing Wall

Dividing Wall   Garaport   Supplied and Build by Roys Sheds

Personal Access Door

Pa Door   Garaport   Supplied and Build by Roys Sheds

Roller Door

Roller Door   Garaport   Supplied and Build by Roys Sheds

Metal Sliding Door

Sliding Door   Garaport   Supplied and Build by Roys Sheds

Glass Sliding Door

Glass Sliding Door   Garaport   Supplied and Build by Roys Sheds


Flashings   Garaport   Supplied and Build by Roys Sheds

Industrial Louvres

Industrial Louvre   Garaport   Supplied and Build by Roys Sheds


Insulation   Garaport   Supplied and Build by Roys Sheds

Lean To

Lean to   Garaport   Supplied and Build by Roys Sheds

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floor   Garaport   Supplied and Build by Roys Sheds


Corrugated   Garaport   Supplied and Build by Roys Sheds


Trimdeck   Garaport   Supplied and Build by Roys Sheds


Skylight   Garaport   Supplied and Build by Roys Sheds

Jack Knife Staircase

Jack Knife Staircase   Garaport   Supplied and Build by Roys Sheds

Straight Staircase

Straight Stair Case   Garaport   Supplied and Build by Roys Sheds

Vermin Proofing

Vermin Proofing   Garaport   Supplied and Build by Roys Sheds


Whirly Bird   Garaport   Supplied and Build by Roys Sheds


Window   Garaport   Supplied and Build by Roys Sheds

Colour options are great way to liven up your shed. They can be applied to various parts and components, with some exceptions such as white PVC piping.

The colours shown here are a representation of the colours that we source. However, due to different screen calibrations, the actual resulting colour may vary. If you are unsure, we recommend asking to see a colour pallet in person or inspecting physical samples of the colours.

Colours are subject to availability and are not necessarily applicable in all areas.

Heritage Red
Jasmin Brown
Smooth Cream
Off White
Armour Grey
Gull Grey
Slate Grey
Mist Green
Caulfield Green
Mountain Blue
Iron Grey

If you would like to visualise how you shed might look like, you try our colour visualiser.

Shed Colour Visualiser

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Do It Yourself (DIY) Shed Kits

If you would like to reduce costs associated with the build of your shed, we have supply only options. This can include pick up or delivery of your kit. Do It Yourself Shed Kits

How to Build a Shed Videos

To better help our customers build their sheds, we have created a series of diy shed building videos. Let us know if you have any questions or have a video request.

User Friendly Design

Designed by an engineer who has personally built well over 100 sheds, and in doing so, worked out the best way to design sheds that are user-friendly to build. We have used our experience from building sheds, to gradually refine our shed kits, making them easier to build. The end result of this refinement is a shed kit that is marginally harder to make, but much quicker to build.

Easier to Assemble, “Like Lego”

It is essential for businesses to have a goal. We decided that ours would be to make sheds that are easier to assemble on site. Putting more emphasis and care into the manufacturing phase reduces mistakes and results in less time spent on site.

What Makes Our Shed Kits Easier to Assemble?

Our shed kits use bolted connections instead of tek screws, even on our smaller sheds. We do still use teks for sheeting, to ensure that they are watertight.

  • Largely Bolted together
  • Purlins bolted to rafters
  • Girts bolted to columns
  • Less reliance on teks holding the structure together
  • Bolt holes are pre-punched, minimising the need for constant measuring and reducing mistakes

Steel Shed Columns

To Your Unique Requirements

Your requirements and ideas are different. Seldom do two customers need the exact same shed, which is why Roys Sheds communicates with you, understands your unique requirements, and ensures that they are met.

Visualise Your Vision

To accomplish our customers’ vision, we have created a custom, in-house, interactive 3D shed design software that allows us to virtually design your shed. This ensures that our customers’ requirements are met, understood, and offers the opportunity to easily change the design.

Visualise Your Vision 3D Shed Software

Structural Grade Steel

A Roys Shed is composed of structural grade steel, providing the strength to last. We only source quality materials and always use a qualified engineer to review all of our designs.

Shed Structural Grade Steel

We Are Registered Builders

Roys Sheds has gone through the process of becoming a registered builder to uphold the standards conveyed by the Building Commission of Australia (#101219). This allows us to better assist our clients, offer advice and use our expertise to supply and build sheds.

Registered Building Contractor #101219

Some Helpful Resources

Built It Yourself Videos

Need a crash course in shed building? Checkout our DIY shed building videos.

Time-lapse Videos

Checkout some of our time-lapse videos of us building sheds

Options and Accessories

A range of options and accessories, to ensure you make the most out of your shed.

Shed Colour Visualiser

Need some help picking colours? Checkout our online shed colour visualiser.

Designed, Engineered, Supplied and Built by Roys Sheds

Roys Sheds takes part in almost all the steps required to get your shed from design to completion.

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